Project hummingbird

Welfare project for families starting january 2022

In Peru there is a macho culture where women are treated with condescension and children are not allowed to ask questions and receive little attention. There are many women who do not find support or do not know where to start to get out of their situation with their children. The men are also unaware of their actions and the consequences this entails.

The goal of the La Sonrisa Foundation with this welfare project in Peru is to teach women, children and young people have self-esteem, raise their self-confidence and learn self-defense. We also give men space to deal with their traumas and to give them an outlet for their aggression and pent-up emotions.


In 2020, an official investigation into female abuse was conducted by ENDES.

This included the following figures in Peru:

50.6% of women have experienced psychological abuse by their partner in 2020.

27.5% of women have been physically abused by their partner in 2020.

6% of women have experienced sexual harassment or abuse by their partner in 2020.

23% of children are ‘corrected’ with physical violence.

That is why the La Sonrisa Foundation focuses in this welfare project on whole families in the Sacred Valley, in Cusco, in Peru. The target group is women, men, children and young people in deplorable economic circumstances.


Our goal is to give families insight into their own well-being, gain self-confidence, give them an outlet and learn to communicate better.

We achieve that goal through a three-month course with different activities:

  • Yoga classes for relaxation
  • Muay Thai lessons for self-defense and letting go of aggression
  • Meditation classes to find their true self and learn good breathing techniques to relax
  • Sex education and lesson on women’s rights
  • Contact with horses and horse riding as a therapeutic aid
  • Thai massage class to help each other with physical problems and / or start their own business

At the conclusion of the course, the participants receive an official certificate, issued by the Thai massage school in Thailand.