Project hummingbird

Female focused project starting january 2020

Peru is a country with a macho culture in which women are treated condescendingly. Women’s emancipation has only recently emerged. Demonstrations are held against female violence and femicide. News about tragic femicides, rape and assault are being massively shared through social media and women are starting to stand up for themselves. Yet there are still many women who do not find support or do not know where to start. They do not know how to stand up for themselves or how they can become independent.

According to an official investigation into women’s abuse, conducted by Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN), in 2017, the following figures emerged in Peru:

78% of women say that little or no consideration is given to women’s rights.

30% of women were physically or psychologically abused once in 2017.

41% of women have experienced sexual harassment or sexual abuse in 2017.

That is why La Sonrisa mainly focuses on women in this project. It’s target group is women in dire economic circumstances from 16 years old, including single mothers, uneducated (young) women and women who want to divorce but are unable to divorce due to financial dependence.

Our goal is to train women to become self-employed entrepreneurs who are aware of their rights.

We achieve that goal by offering a three-month course with the following activities:

  • Thai massage course     
  • Muay Thai lessons for self-defense     
  • Sexual education and lessons about women’s rights     
  • Classes about starting a business

The women participating in the course and ending it succesfully will receive an official certificate issued by the Thai massage school in Thailand. They will also receive materials that are needed to start their own business.

Why do we choose to teach Thai massage ?

Because there is a lot of demand in Peru for relaxing massages and Thai massage is relatively unknown and people are always looking for innovation. This arouses interest and will lead to more customers. The advantage of Thai massage is that the client keeps his clothes on. In addition to the beneficial effect for relaxation, it is also very good for the flexibility of the body as stretching exercises are also done. Finally, not many materials are needed so they can work almost anywhere. In short, more opportunities for women.